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The "balance of power" between fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewables is beginning to shift. It is critical for our nation's energy security and economic health that all energy sources be used responsibly. We will continue the decades-long trend of cleaner use of fossil fuels and safe operation of nuclear power plants, but we also will be bringing more renewable energy sources on line, including wind, solar and biomass.

We also need to continue pushing for greater efficiency in the ways we use and produce energy. Every kilowatt saved through efficiency is a kilowatt that won't have to be generated and won't produce any emissions.

DTE Energy has launched a number of initiatives to develop renewable energy generation and to improve energy efficiency:

  • DTE is investing nearly $2 billion in  renewable energy projects that will soon power a city six times the size of Ann Arbor.
  • An online resource that allows customers to calculate their " carbon footprint&quot and learn how to reduce it by using energy more efficiently for their homes and their businesses.
  • A voluntary renewable energy program - GreenCurrents - that allows DTE Energy electric customers to support the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • A voluntary residential program - BioGreenGas - supports the local development of renewable natural gas by making clean energy from a dirty source.
  • A special electric rate on high-efficiency geothermal systems for home heating and coolng.
  • Under the utility-owned SolarCurrents™pilot program, DTE Energy has installed more than 14 large (100kW-500kW) photovoltaic solar arrays in highly visible locations throughout southeastern Michigan helping to increase the public's awareness of renewable energy.
  • Under the company's customer-owened SolarCurrents™ program, DTE Electric customers are encouraged to purchase and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems (under 20kW) at their home or business by offering financial incentives to help offset the out-of-pocket costs and save on their energy costs.