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Power Pick Overview

Food is Fuel! The food choices you make can have a significant effect on your energy and overall health. Power Pick is about making it easier to make food choices that benefit your health and help you feel good.

One unhealthy meal doesn't make up your diet. Instead, it is a series of choices that directly affects your health. Too many poor nutritional choices over time can lead to lower energy level, less focus, weight gain and chronic conditions. It is the goal of the Power Pick Program to empower individuals to make healthier choices.

Check out all Power Pick has to offer!

  • Nutrition Tips: One page nutritional tips in an easy to read format.
  • Eating for Energy: Includes the Eating for Energy Plate and Catering Guide.
  • Recipes: Expand your culinary skills!
  • Web Sites: Our favorite nutrition links.
  • Michigan Dining: Some of our favorite restaurants and links to their menus.
  • Phone Apps: On the go? Check out our nutrition recommended phone apps.

For nutrition questions and comments or suggestions about the Power Pick program please contact Lillian Korbus, EYL dietitian, at 313.235.0087 or email.

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