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2014 Healthy Living Program

A key part of living the best life you can is to take an active role in your health and well-being. Good health doesn't just happen on its own. Whether you are generally healthy, trying to change a health habit or coping with a chronic condition, your continued health depends on the choices you make and the actions you take each and every day.

Healthy Actions Pay Off

The Healthy Living Program puts your health first-helping you focus on achieving a few key healthy tasks that can have a positive impact on your health for the long run. In return for choosing to participate and completing these tasks, you receive special pricing under the health plan for your out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Earning this "Enhanced Level' of pricing means you pay less out-of-pocket than you otherwise would.

If you or your covered spouse/same sex domestic partner (SSDP) choose not to complete the healthy living tasks outlined in the guides below, you and all of your dependents will be moved down to the "Standard Level" of pricing which means you will pay more out-of-pocket for your healthcare.

Healthy Living Requirements Vary by 2014 Health Plan

The tasks you and your covered spouse/SSDP must complete vary depending on which health plan you select for the 2014 plan year. Below is a summary chart which outlines the tasks by health plan. Be sure you and your covered spouse/SSDP are completing the correct tasks through the correct Healthy Living Administrator for the health plan you select.

For example, if you select the BCBS Healthy Living Incentives PPO you should complete the tasks in the first column through RedBrick Health. If however, you select the Priority HealthbyChoice Incentives HMO you should complete the tasks in column 2 through Priority Health. 2013 Healthy Living Requirements Comparison Chart

More Information for PPO/CDHP Members Completing Tasks Through RedBrick Health

Below are links to the 2014 Healthy Living Guides and Checklists which provide detailed information about the Healthy Living Program for PPO and CDHP members and walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to successfully complete the Healthy Living Tasks and remain at the Enhanced Level.

Please Note: The 2014 Healthy Living Program Guides and the outlined requirements apply ONLY to DTE Energy employees and their covered spouses/SSDPs who will be, or are, enrolled in one of the following healthcare plans for 2014:

  • Aetna Healthy Living Incentives PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Living Incentives PPO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthy Living Incentives CDHP

These materials are NOT intended for 2014 HMO members. HMO members must follow the HMO-sponsored program and requirements found in the 2014 HMO enrollment materials and on the HMO member website!

HMO plans include:

  • Priority HealthbyChoice HMO
  • Health Alliance Plan (HAP) Health Engagement HMO
  • Blue Care Network (BCN) Healthy Blue Living HMO
2014 Healthy Living Requirements by Employee Group
Non-represented corporate, Citizen's Gas non-represented and all affiliate companies except those listed below 2014 Healthy Living Checklist
Local 70, Local 132, Local 223, Local 799 Northern and Local 799 T&SO employees 2014 Healthy Living Checklist
Local 17 employees 2014 Healthy Living Guide
Local 39 employees 2014 Healthy Living Guide
Landmark affiliate companies and ES California 2014 Healthy Living Guide
MERC non-represented employees 2014 Healthy Living Guide
Citizen's Gas represented employees 2014 Healthy Living Guide
Northwind, Energy Center Ops, DTE IIT 139N, MERC represented No Healthy Living Requirements
for 2014 Plan Year

If you have questions about the 2014 Healthy Living Program contact the DTE Benefits Hotline at 877.687.2638. If you have questions about the Healthy Living Tasks specifically or whether you've completed the Healthy Living requirements contact the Healthy Living Administrator based on the health plan you have selected (see comparison chart above).

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