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Credits, Damages and Claims

During severe storms that cause electrical system damage, you may have damages or loss at your home or business.

Service Quality and Reliability Standards

DTE Electric has implemented service quality and reliability standards defined by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). These standards provide customers a $25 credit upon request, if our investigation of your request determines you have experienced:

  • A power outage* of more than 16 hours under normal conditions.
  • An outage* of more than 120 hours under catastrophic conditions
  • Or eight or more outages* during a 12-month period

*A power outage consists of full or partial loss of service for longer than 5 minutes

If extraordinary circumstances have prevented DTE Electric from meeting these standards, the company may submit a waiver request to the MPSC for its consideration.

If you believe you may be eligible for a bill credit, apply here.

Property Loss or Damage

We understand that storm-related damage to your property is inconvenient, upsetting and can pose a financial burden. When the damage is caused by an act of nature -- such as storm, wind or lightning -- DTE Energy is not legally responsible. Please check with your business, homeowner's or renter's insurance company to see if your losses are covered by your policy.

If you believe DTE Energy was involved in a negligent act that caused damage to your property, we urge you to call our Customer Service Line, 800.477.4747, to request a Damage Claim Affidavit. Complete and submit your claim following the instructions provided. Each claim is investigated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Submittal of a claim is not a guarantee of payment.

Meter Equipment

DTE Electric is responsible for repairs to the meter itself. We are also responsible for the service drop, which is the line either above ground or underground running from the utility pole to your home or commercial facility. You are responsible for all other equipment at the meter location, including the service entrance cable. Contact a licensed electrician to complete any repairs that are your responsibility.

electrical equipment

DTE Electric installs and maintains your service line (1) and electric meter (6).

Installation and maintenance of the service bracket or hook (2), weather head (3), pipe riser (4), meter can (5) and service entrance cable (7) are the customer's responsibility.

A licensed electrician should install and maintain this equipment.

If your service line (1) or electric meter (6) is damaged, please call 800.477.4747.

Safety reminder

Please wait until power line repairs are completed before you begin your storm cleanup. Energized power lines may be hidden in the brush. If you see a downed power line, call us immediately at 800.477.4747.

Tree Tips

Trees are surprisingly hardy. With proper pruning and care, they can often recover from severe storm damage. Here's what you can do to help a tree recover:

  • Remember to put safety first. Keep ladders and tools away from overhead power lines and make sure your added weight on a limb won't cause it to contact a power line.
  • Remove broken branches attached to the tree. Prune them at the point where they join larger branches, taking care not to leave a stub. Leaving a stub actually stimulates the tree to grow weakly attached shoots and limbs. This weak new growth is even more likely to break off in future storms.
  • For information on how to determine if your tree can be rescued, read tree recovery advice from the experts at The National Arbor Day Foundation.