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Choose from TWO WAYS to save — Absolutely FREE.

Schedule a Home
Energy Consultation

Our energy consultants will visit your home and conduct a FREE energy usage assessment that will evaluate the energy efficiency of your home*. They will discuss your energy savings recommendations and ways that you can lower your energy costs in a personalized plan.

Find your most cost effective improvements with a Home Energy Consultation.

While our consultants are in your home, they'll install the following products, and it's all FREE!

ENERGY STAR® compact fluorescent
light bulbs
shower heads
Water-saving faucet aerators for kitchen
and bath
Water heater pipe wrap

*Available for single-family homes
†Products may vary by DTE customer type

Evaluate your energy use with MyEnergy Analyzer

Our online tool helps analyze home energy use, showing you ways to save. Create an energy savings plan with MyEnergy Analyzer, and DTE will send you a FREE Energy Efficiency Kit with FREE energy-saving products* and information.

Find out how your home uses energy, and how it compares to other homes in your area with MyEnergy Analyzer.

When you sign in, MyEnergy Analyzer pulls data from your bill history to give you a personalized analysis.

Questions about installing FREE energy energy-saving products*?

View "how-to install" videos:

How to Install a Faucet Aerator

How to Install Insulation Pipe Wrap

How to Install an Energy Efficient Shower Head

*Products may vary by DTE customer type