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Information for RHA Program Participants Only

As you know, once a retiree reaches age 65, the federal Medicare program becomes the retiree's primary health insurance plan. Historically, DTE Energy had provided supplemental coverage to Medicare through its retiree group health care plans. Beginning in 2013, DTE Energy changed the way it provides that supplemental Medicare benefit to retirees and their spouses or surviving spouses who are age 65 years old or older identified in the chart below.

Group Hired Before Retired
DTE Electric Non-represented 1/1/2012 On or after 4/1/1994
DTE Gas Non-represented 1/1/2012 On or after 1/1/1992
Citizens Gas Non-represented 1/1/2012 On or after 1/1/2014
Local 17 9/24/2012 On or after 11/6/2012
Local 223 Electric, Gas T&SO 6/7/2010 On or after 8/3/2013
Local 70, 132, 799N 6/6/2011 On or after 8/3/2013
Local 799 T&SO 10/9/2010 On or after 8/3/2013
Local 39 8/30/2010 On or after 1/2/2013

The current program is called the Retiree Health Access (RHA) Program. Under the new program, DTE will provide each eligible participant an allocation in a Retiree Reimbursement Account (or RRA, described below) to purchase individual Medicare supplemental insurance coverage, to pay for medical expenses not covered by Medicare, or both. To assist participants in choosing the Medicare supplemental insurance coverage that best suits their needs, DTE Energy has partnered with the RHA Program. The RHA Program offers personal attention from licensed RHA Benefit Advisors and provides access to online comparison tools. The RHA Program is provided at no cost to retirees. You can contact an RHA Benefit Advisor by calling 1.844.866.8257.

Your Retiree Reimbursement Account (RRA)

Your RRA will receive an initial allocation from DTE Energy as of your Effective Date. Your Effective Date is the first of the month in which the youngest covered member of your household turns age 65. This defined term is used throughout the communications you will receive, so it is important that you remember your Effective Date.

Please note: You will not be able to access or use your RRA until your Effective Date.

The amount of the initial allocation (Base Allocation) for each retiree, dependent spouse or surviving spouse entering the RHA Program is:

  • $3,500 for retirees who retired on or before January 1, 2013 (even if the retiree did not begin participating in the RRA until after January 1, 2013)
  • $3,250 for retirees who retired after January 1, 2013

For example, a married couple moving to the RHA Program would receive two allocation amounts into a joint RRA; one for the retiree and one for the spouse.

Under current provisions of the RRA Plan document, the annual allocation amount will be increased annually by the lesser of 2% or the increase in the Consumer Price Index for Medical Care, Total, then rounded up to the next nearest increment of $5. Under the current formula, the annual allocation may not be increased in any given year, but will not be decreased. This annual adjustment formula is subject to change in future years.

As adjusted, the allocation amount for 2017 is:

  • $3,795 for retirees who retired on or before January 1, 2013
  • $3,525 for retirees who retired after January 1, 2013

In the year in which you first become eligible for an RRA, the initial allocation will be the current annual allocation applicable to you multiplied by a fraction, with the numerator being the number of months during the year you are eligible for the RRA and the denominator being 12. For example, if you become eligible for your RRA on August 1, 2016 and you retired after January 1, 2013, your RRA allocation will be 5/12 of the annual allocation for your first year, or $3,455 x 5/12 = $1,439.58. You will receive the full annual allocation in subsequent years.

PayFlex is the vendor who administers the RRA. You can call PayFlex toll-free at 1.855.652.0112 or you can log on to rhaexchange.com/dte and click the PayFlex icon to get to the PayFlex member website. On the PayFlex website, you can access all of the forms you will need to set up your banking information, authorize your spouse or other designated individual to access your account and receive your personal information, request a reimbursement (for eligible medical expenses, including one-month requests for premium reimbursement) or set up a recurring premium reimbursement (submit this form once and the reimbursement is made automatically on a monthly basis). You can also set up the "Pay Them" feature on the PayFlex website.

When using the online features on the PayFlex portal, be sure to have all of your information and documents ready. Your session will timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity (from your last keystroke) and the data that you entered will be lost.

A presentation was prepared to help familiarize you with the PayFlex website.


The following communications are available for your reference:

  1. Aging into the RHA Program. If you are aging into the RHA Program, this slide presentation provides the basic information about the program.
  2. Fall 2016 Communications. In early September 2016, a Fall 2016 RHA Letter was mailed to RHA participants. This letter provides information on the 2016 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and things to know about your RRA Account.
  3. RHA Program Pre-Enrollment Workbook
    • For individuals who are aging into the RHA Program, the workbook describes what you need to do and when you need to do it.
  4. PayFlex Welcome Letter and Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Voltage Email Security
    • If you get an email from eNotify@playflex.com through Voltage, don't delete it. We now send emails with attachments through Voltage. It's software that protects the message by encrypting it. you can learn how to open the email using the Voltage Secure Email Guide.

Your eligibility for, and benefits under, any DTE Energy benefit plan (including the Retiree Reimbursement Account Plan) are governed exclusively by the official plan documents. The descriptions provided are for your convenience only and do not replace or supersede the official terms of the plans. Any inconsistencies between this information and the official plan documents and any ambiguities in this information are controlled by the official plan documents. Medical coverage provided through an individual insurance policy purchased with assistance from the RHA Program or through any insurance policy the premiums for which you are reimbursed through your RRA is not provided under a DTE Energy benefit plan.