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DTE Insight

The app that puts home energy usage data at your fingertips.

DTE Energy is proud to be the first utility to offer this exciting, interactive way for our customers to better understand how they use energy.


DTE Insight links your smartphone to your home's advanced meter to see what's happening with your home energy use and find ways to:


"I want to see how much energy we use each day, week, month and how that changes throughout the day."


"I want to see how much energy we're using in our home when using appliances, heating and cooling, and when we're away."


"I can discover how much natural gas it takes to heat my home and make small changes to save my family money."

Leverage the DTE Energy advanced meter and your smartphone.

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Daily Electrical Usage

Daily Electrical Usage

A view of the daily electricity usage of your home and the energy consumption patterns of your family.

Daily Electrical Usage

Daily Natural Gas Usage

View your gas usage each day in a weekly bar chart. Set targets and discover if you could lower your bill!

Daily Electrical Usage

Ways to Save!

Energy-saving tips that suggest and encourage home improvement projects.

Daily Electrical Usage

Energy Savings and Challenges

Weekly challenges designed to engage and reward you for saving energy.

With DTE Insight you can choose how you view your energy data.

Real-Time Data

Historical Data

Access to DTE Insight is easy.

The advanced electric meter has a digital display instead of dials and a blue and white label on the front. For more information, see our installation map.